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The Ramblings of Lenny

Lenny, Leonard, Leenie, Ellie, Eileen, Pop, Teeny.
13 November 1982
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I'm that girl in Borders who can't ever pick a book or magazine.

I'm that girl in the pub with the really rosy cheeks and the loud laugh.

I'm that girl in the shops that always seems to be more harrassed than she should be, and again, has rosier cheeks than what is needed. Internet shopping is her friend.

I'm that girl that likes to read the names of her newly purchased nail polish and always has her toenails painted.

I'm that person at the beach, wearing black, who won't venture into the sea, no matter how warm she gets. I have it on good authority, that said girl is trying to work on this.

I'm that girl who is more clumsy than is humanly possible. The one that trips walking down the street on her own, or stands on one of her headphones while walking to work. She hasn't become that girl who's come out of the toilet with her pants tucked into her skirt/tights - YET.

I'm that girl who likes travelling and seems to be quite content with just her book or her DS. I'm that girl who can't make decisions in Sainsbury's and is scared that she sometimes looks like a shoplifter when she isn't.

I'm that person who manically exercises in her living room rather frequently, and fears that her neighbours can see her.

I'm that girl who likes to cook and make her friends smile.

I'm that girl who's happiest when she's with the people she cares about the most. Scenarios may vary.

Also, this journal was started with the intention that the boy, James, would share this with me. Instead, he reads my entries over my shoulder and pats me on the head.

We moved to Brighton in May 2007, not looking back, despite missing people to death.

Anywhoo, lilythorns is doing this, and I'm copying her cos she rocks. *g*


Hogwarts is Love!

I adopted a cute lil' gothy fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

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